An abscess may appear as a "pimple" or "bubble" on the soft tissues of the mouth (as seen in picture to the left). This may occur as the result of deep dental cavities or trauma. An abscess is a limited area of pus formed as a result of a bacterial infection. The body's immune system reacts to the infection and sends white blood cells to the area to try to get rid of the bacteria. Pus is a mixture of live and dead white blood cells, enzymes, and parts of destroyed cells and tissues. When there is no way for the pus to drain, it forms an abscess by working its way out the end of the root of the tooth, through the surrounding bone, and forms an abscess on the gums which may go away and then reform with time. If you see this kind of pimple or bubble on the inside of your child's mouth, call our office for an appointment. A dental x-ray will be required to correctly diagnose the infection. Treatment for an abscess caused by a dental infection is extraction of the baby tooth or referral to a root canal specialist (Endodontist) if it is an adult tooth.


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