If a baby tooth has been severely affected by dental decay or pulp therapy has been performed on the tooth, a regular silver or white filling is not the treatment of choice. Due to the size of the cavity and root canal treatment, something that covers the entire tooth must be used such as an esthetic white crown.

A stainless steel crown (SSC) is a prefabricated crown designed and manufactured in a variety of sizes to fit your child's tooth. Our office uses "Ion Crowns" made by the 3M Company that are very precisely designed to simulate the original anatomy of the tooth that they are covering. Also, these 3M "Ion Crowns" are manufactured to be sized and fitted to your child's tooth in a much shorter time by our doctors. This is a great benefit to your child as he/she is in the dental chair for a shorter period of time. The benefits of placing a stainless steel crown on a tooth include full coverage of the damaged tooth, decreasing the risk of future cavities to that same tooth, saving the proper amount of space for the eruption of the permanent tooth, the restored ability to bite and chew his/her food properly, and the ability to speak properly.

Esthetic white crown is an all resin crown or a stainless steel crown with a white resin material placed on the front side of the crown. Our doctors use several different brands of esthetic crowns due to variations in tooth size, shape, and position. The crowns with a white resin facing are much more expensive than regular stainless steel crowns and are sometimes not covered by insurance plans that focus on the least expensive alternative treatment (LEAT) business model. The advantage these crowns is that they look much better and are placed in exactly the same manner as a regular stainless steel crown. The disadvantages are that the resin bonded to the front of the crown can fracture due to trauma, bruxism, or normal chewing forces. 


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