There are several different kinds of teeth in our mouths

Incisors: These are the teeth in the front of our mouth closest to our lips. They bite and cut our food.

Canines or Cuspids: Located right next to the incisors, these teeth rip and tear up our food.

Premolars or Bicuspids: These teeth mash our food as we chew.

Molars: These are the teeth in the very back of our mouth. They grind and crush the food before we swallow.

We are all born with two sets of teet, primary or first and secondary or permanent. The primary teeth are called deciduous (baby) teeth and begin to appear at about six to eight months. By the age of three, your child should have a complete set of 20 deciduous teeth. The permanent teeth start to come into your child's mouth at about six years of age and are all erupted by the age of twelve to fourteen, except for the wisdom teeth. The twelve year molars are usually the last to grow in until the wisdom teeth start to come in from age 17 on.


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