Traditional fluoride treatments are usually gels or foams that are delivered onto the surfaces of your child's teeth for a set amount of time and then removed. Your child is then instructed not to eat or drink for 30 minutes. Fluoride varnishes also deliver a topical application of fluoride, just in a different system. Using a stickier varnish method, fluoride is applied to the surfaces of your child's teeth.

Advantages of fluoride varnish include:

  • easier for your child to tolerate (no trays or sponges)
  • allows your child to eat and drink immediately after placement
  • has been clinically proven to be the most effective professional fluoride treatment available for cavities
  • it is safer for your child due to less fluoride ingestion with the varnish than the gels and foams

After the application of the fluoride varnish, your child will feel a sticky coating on his/her teeth. This coating will have a sticky coating. It is recommended that your child does not brush or floss for 4-6 hours in order to maximize the effectiveness of the fluoride varnish.


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